The 21st annual International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference will be held

June 1-3 2020

at the

Graduate School of Design (GSD)

Harvard University,
48 Quincy St.,
Cambridge Mass, USA

Cybernetic Ground: Information, Imagination, Impact

We work and create on shifting ground; increasingly digital and cybernetic. What are the information requirements and options for creating cybernetic ground? What is the role of imagination therein? And how might we evaluate impacts of those works and creations?

Abstracts due Nov.1, 2019

Topics will include:

  1. Algorithmic design and analysis of landscapes
  2. Mobile devices, Internet-of-Things, and ‘Smart’ systems in the landscape
  3. Data Science and Landscape Information Modelling
  4. Drone/UAV imagery and uses
  5. Digital fabrication in landscape architecture
  6. Visualization and animation of landscapes
  7. Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), and immersive environments
  8. Geodesign approaches, technologies, and case studies
  9. Digital landscape architectural responses to climate change
  10. Social media in landscape architecture
  11. Teaching digital landscape architecture
  12. Digital landscape architecture in practice