DLA Virtual Conference 2020   June 3 – 4

Brain-Teaser Challenge from DANA TOMLIN

Dana Tomlin’s challenge:

Among the highlights of past DLA conferences have been often-unpredictable awards announced at the closing banquet. This year’s closing ceremony will feature a new award whose name and nature will be truly unpredictable. Here’s the deal. Your challenge is to pose a challenge to your DLA colleagues in the form of a succinct and engaging question/puzzle that calls for just the kind of geekiness that those colleagues exemplify.


All challenges submitted will then be made public, and everyone will have the opportunity (though not the obligation) to respond. The winning submission will then be whichever one generates the fewest number of successful responses – given that there must be at least one. In other words, your task is to compose a problem that is as difficult as possible without being overly so. If you’d like your submission to remain anonymous, that’s fine


… unless it wins. In that case, your authorship will have to be revealed because this award will bear your name when we announce its 2020 recipient(s) at our closing ceremony. Please direct as many submissions as you’d like (along with solutions) to charles.tomlin@yale.edu before our starting session on Thursday. If you have questions about all this, just ask – either here as a chat message or as an e-mail directly to me.