21st Annual International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference

Cybernetic Ground: Information, Imagination, Impact

We work and create on shifting ground; increasingly digital and cybernetic. What are the information requirements and options for creating cybernetic ground? What is the role of imagination therein? And how might we evaluate impacts of those works and creations?

post-conference comments included:

” nicely organized ; fascinating ; Interesting; very enjoy; very engaging; Inspiring ;); I was very emotional when; we entered the ‘room’ at the start of the conference. So many people being present… but; being at so many locations around the globe. I didn’t expect to feel that way. Thank; you for that (too).; Truly Inspiring!;  would repeat; much better than expected; ; highly informative; ; It was my first time in DLA. It was amazing, a lot of researches; and inspirations!; it’s the first conference online I have ever attended, it was a good; experience. ; Intellectually stimulating. ; a bit disappointing concerning intellectual; stimulation; Wonderful.; Really loved the diversity of topics and presenters, just wish I; could have attended more of the presentations. Looking forward to following this in; the future; Excellent conference!!! ; Very enlightening; Stimulating; enlightening; Reinvigorating; Enlightening ; Looking forward; inspiring, promising. ; Interactive. Collaborative.; inspiring and motivating; exciting; grateful, inspired; ; Opportunity, new ideas,; good organisation!;  Absolute discovery; Surprising. Immersive.; Inspired and Intrigued.;; Inspiring!;  Inspiring and energizing; Energizing and promising; ; Inspired; ; memorable worldwide; Fantastic – Nerdy – Cathartic; …”