DLA Virtual Conference 2020  Weds June 3

Topics 1-6 Concurrent Speaker Sessions

All Sessions Start at 1PM EDT

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Cybernetics Sessions 1,2 Algorithmics Session 3
Drones / UAVs Sessions 4, 5 Mobile Session 6
Data Science Sessions 7,8 Social Media Session 9

Session 1: Cybernetics I           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Mark Lindquist

    Stephen Ervin, Harvard GSD
        A Brief History and Tentative Taxonomy of Digital Landscape Architecture

    Jörg Rekittke, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
        Convergent Digitality for Design Action in Obstructed Landscapes

    Zihao Zhang, University of Virginia
        Cybernetic Environment: A Historical Reflection on System, Design, and Machine Intelligence

   Adam Mekies, Daniel Tal, Harvard GSD
        Three Cases of Re-configuring Scope, Agency, and Innovation for Landscape Architecture

Session 2: Cybernetics II           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Craig Douglas

    Hans-Georg Schwarz-v.Raumer, Katja Schulze, University of Stuttgart
        Development and Application of Circuitscape Based Metrics for Urban Ecological Permeability Assessment

   Joseph Claghorn, University of Sheffield
        Using Spatial Network Analysis to Recover England’s and Wales’ Lost Footpaths and Rights of Way

   James Melsom, University of Technology Sydney
        Multi-scalar Geo-landscape Models: Interfacing Geological Models with Landscape Surface Data

Session 3: Algorithmics           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Verena Vogler

    Agnes Patuano, Ata Tara, WUR
        Fractal Geometry for Landscape Architecture: Review of Methodologies and Interpretations

    Gabriela Arevalo Alvear, OLIN
        New Technologies + Algorithmic Plant Communities: Parametric / Agent-based Workflows

    Siqing Chen, Zhizhen Wang, The University of Melbourne
        Noise Mapping in an Urban Environment: Comparing GIS-based Spatial Modelling and Parametric Approaches

Session 4: Drones I           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Thomas Blaschke

    Jozef Sedlaçek, Radim Kleparnik, Iveta Koprivova, Mendel University in Brno
          -VIDEO- When Does the Point Cloud Become a Real Tool for a Landscape Architect? Teaching Experience

    Keunhyun Park, Sungmin Lee, Dong-ah Choi, Utah State University
        Empty Parks: An Observational and Correlational Study Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

    Ahmet Cilek, Suha Berberoglu, Cenk Donmez, Muge Unal Cilek, Cukuroa University Landscape Architecture Department
        -VIDEO- Generation of High-Resolution 3-D Maps for Landscape Planning and Design Using UAV Technologies

Session 5: Drones II           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Ulrike Wissen

    Benjamin H. George, Keunhyun Park, Utah State University
        -VIDEO- Flying High: A Case Study of the Integration of Drones into a Landscape Architecture Curriculum

    Micah Taylor, Brian Orland, Jingxian Li, Stephen Berry, Meredith Welch-Devine, University of Georgia College of Environment + Design
        Crowdsourcing Environmental Narratives of Coastal Georgia using Mobile Augmented Reality

    Anna Calissano, Paola Sturla, Paola Pucci, Valeria Fedeli, Simone Vantini, Harvard GSD
        Going Beyond the Euclidean Setting in the Statistical Analysis of Human Movement in Urban Landscape

Session 6: Mobile           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Rose Monacella

    Mintai Kim, Soyoung Han, Yoonku Kwon, Virginia Tech
        -VIDEO- How Does the Brain Engage with Daytime and Night-time Sceneries?

    Suat Batuhan Esirger, Muhammed Ali √ñrnek, Istanbul Technical University
        Recycled Plastic to Performative Urban Furniture

    Mandana Moshrefzadeh, Thomas Machl, David Gackstetter, Andreas Donaubauer, Thomas H. Kolbe, Technical University of Munich
        Towards a Distributed Digital Twin of the Agricultural Landscape

Session 7: Data Science I           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Eckart Lange

    Nastaran Tebyanian, Penn State
        Application of Machine Learning for Urban Landscape Design: A Primer for Landscape Architects

    Kian Wee Chen, Forrest Meggers, Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment Princeton University
        Modelling the Built Environment in 3D to Visualize Data from Different Disciplines: The Princeton University Campus

    Philip Belesky, Mariusz Hermansdorfer, Kane Borg, RMIT University
        Sandscape and Datascape: Augmenting the Augmented Reality Sandbox

Session 8: Data Science II           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Aidan Ackerman

    Michael G. White, M. Hank Haeusler, Yannis Zavoleas, UNSW
        -VIDEO- Simulation of Plant-Agent Interactions in a Landscape Information Model

    Steven Velegrinis, Aecom
        Plus Urbanism: Using Digital Tools to Realise Urban Landscapes that Create More than They Consume

    Le Zhang, Brian Deal, University of Illinois
        Ecosystem Services, Smart Technologies, Planning Support Systems, and Landscape Design: A Framework

Session 9: Social Media           1:00 PM EDT Moderator: Pia Fricker

    Madeline Brown, Timothy Murtha, Luwei Wang, Yan Wang, University of Florida
        Mapping Landscape Values with Social Media

    Mahsa Adib, Hong Wu, Penn State University
        -VIDEO- Fostering Community-Engaged Green Stormwater Infrastructure Through the Use of Participatory GIS

    Michaela F. Prescott, Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Andreas Hamacher, Monash University
        -VIDEO- RISE Planetary Health Data Platform:Applied Challenges Development

    Olaf Schroth, Linda Mertelmeyer, HSWT
        -VIDEO- Telling the Story of a Landscape Plan Online

NOTE: COMBINED Speaker Q&A Sessions are immediately following speaker presentations at 1:35 PM EDT,
in different unique Zoom Rooms:

Speaker Q&A Session A: Cybernetics & Algorithmics           1:35 PM EDT Moderator: Mark Lindquist
Speaker Q&A Session B: Drones & Mobile           1:35 PM EDT Moderator: John Danahy
Speaker Q&A Session C: Data Science & Social Media           1:35 PM EDT Moderator: Pia Fricker