DLA Virtual Conference 2020  Thurs June 4

Topics 7-12 Concurrent Speaker Sessions

All Sessions start at 10:30 AM EDT

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AR,VR Sessions 1,2 DLA in Practice Session 3
Teaching DLA Sessions 4, 5 Geodesign Session 6
Visualization Sessions 7,8 DLA & Climate Change Session 9

Session 1: AR/VR I           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Nastaran Tebyanian

    Adam Tomkins, Eckart Lange, The University of Sheffield
        Bridging the Analog-Digital Divide: Enhancing Urban Models with Augmented Reality

    Hyunji Je, Yumi Lee, Seoul National University
        Therapeutic Effects of Interactive Experiences in Virtual Gardens: Physiological Approach Using Electroencephalograms

    Gideon Spanjar, Frank Suurenbroek, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
        Eye-Tracking the City: Matching the Design of Streetscapes in High-Rise Environments with Users’ Visual Experiences

    Travis Flohr, Dolores Sirek, Ross Tredinnick, Penn State
        Creating Virtual Environments in Support of On-line Problem-based Learning

Session 2: AR/VR II           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Paola Sturla

    Guoping Huang, University of Virginia
        Digital Visualization in Web 3.0: A Case Study of Virtual Central Grounds Project

    Mariusz Hermansdorfer, Hans Skov-Petersen, Pia Fricker, Kane Borg, Philip Belesky, Aalto University
        Bridging Tangible and Virtual Realities: Computational Procedures

    Xun Liu, University of Virginia
        The Third Simulation: Augmented Reality Fluvial Modeling Tool

Session 3: Practice           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Adam Mekies

    Anthony J. DePriest, Tim D. Keane, Brent C. Chamberlain, Mark Lundquist, Utah State University
        Visualization Tools for Visual Impact Assessments: A Study of Existing Technologies

    Wendy Walls, Jillian Walliss, The University of Melbourne
       -VIDEO- Digital Modelling as Interdisciplinary Design Practice: A Focus on Microclimate Simulation

    Ata Tara, Nerida Thomas, Alan Chenoweth, Gerard McCormick, Alison Davis, Deborah Chow, RMIT University
        Growing by Place: Identifying Building Height Limits

Session 4: Teaching           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Rose Monacella

    Daniel Meehan, Lisa DuRussel, Penn State – Geodesign
        Under The Eye: Using an Ecosystem of Digital Tools to Analyze and Solve Land Use Planning Issues

    Melanie Piser, Sebastian Wollmann, Roland Zink, THD
        -VIDEO- Adolescents in Spatial Planning: A Digital Participation Platform

    David E. Goldberg, Lacey K. Goldberg, The Pennsylvania State University
        Robots in Paradise

Session 5: Geodesign I           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Ruben Joye

    Chiara Cocco, Michele Campagna, University of Cagliari
        -VIDEO- A Quantitative Approach to Geodesign Process Analysis

    Tijana Dabovic, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Geography
        Geodesign Meets Its Institutional Design in the Cybernetic Loop

    Howard Hahn, Brent Chamberlain, Kansas State University
        A Pedagogical Retrospective: Gamifying the Konza Prairie through an Interdisciplinary Studio

Session 6: Geodesign II           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Brian Orland

    Luwei Wang, Timothy Murtha, Madeline Brown, University of Florida
        -VIDEO- Park Suitability Index: Developing a Landscape Metric for Analyzing Settlement Patterns

    Ata Tara, Yazid Ninsalam, Niloo Tarakemeh, Vishwa Muni, RMIT University
        -VIDEO- Designing with Nature-based Solutions to Mitigate Flooding in Mataniko River Catchment, Honiara

    Werner Rolf, David Geoffrey Peters, Technical University of Munich
        Algorithmic Landscapes Meet Geodesign for Effective Green Infrastructure Planning

Session 7: Visualization I           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Craig Douglas

    Xi Lu, Sigrid Hehl-Lange, Eckart Lange, University of Sheffield
        Landscape Visualisation and Visitor Perception in the Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

    Wei Zhang, Mengqi Yang, Yuxing Zhou, Huazhong Agricultural University
        Assessing Urban Park Open Space by Semantic Segmentation of Geo-tagged Panoramic Images

    James Palmer, Robert Sullivan, Scenic Quality Consultants
        Visual Prominence as Perceived in Photographs and In-Situ

Session 8: Visualization II           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Olaf Schroth

    Mohammed Almahmood, Hans Skov-Petersen, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University
        Public Space Public Life 2.0: Agent-based Pedestrian Simulation

    Ulrike Wissen Hayek, Jens Fischer, Marcelo Galleguillos Torres, Bettina Weibel, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, ETH Zurich
        -VIDEO- Effects of Animated 3D Point Cloud Simulations on Emotional Responses

    Joshua Brook-Lawson, Sophie Holz, TU-Berlin
        CFD Comparison Project for Wind Simulation in Landscape Architecture

Session 9: Climate Change           10:30 AM EDT Moderator: Jorg Rekittke

    Colin Chadderton, Harvard Graduate School of Design
        Sensors in the Landscape: A Peatland Perspective

    Yannis Zavoleas, M. Hank Haeusler, Kate Dunn, Melanie Bishop, Katherine Dafforn, Nina Schaefer, Francisco Sedano, K. Daniel Yu, UNSW
        -VIDEO- Designing Bio-Shelters: Improving Water Quality and Biodiversity

    Aidan Ackerman, Yao Wang, Margaret Bryant, SUNY ESF
        Animation of High Wind-Speed CoastalStorm Events with Computational Fluid Dynamics

NOTE: Speaker Q&A Sessions are immediately following speaker presentations at 11:05 AM EDT,
in different unique Zoom Rooms:

Speaker Q&A Session A: AR/VR & Practice           11:05 AM EDT Moderator: Paola Sturla
Speaker Q&A Session B: Teaching and Geodesign           11:05 AM EDT Moderator: Kelleann Foster
Speaker Q&A Session C: Visualization and Climate Change           11:05 AM EDT Moderator: Brad Cantrell